Saturday, December 13, 2014


I SUPER excited!! I have some amazing news that I heard a couple of days ago that I've been trying my hardest to keep in!

I've been on a few calls the last couple of days with some of my leadership and top producers in my company. They got many of us on the line to discuss a "shift" in our business and let us know that a LOT of people are about to get their financial breakthrough and that I would be able to help SO MANY MORE PEOPLE! Are you ready for the HUGE company announcement?? LET'S GO!

This is for ALL of the people who have wanted to get started with my Company, but coming up with the Capital has been an issue. It's for everyone that I've been in Contact with, who have been wanting SO badly to make a change for themselves and their families but just couldn't bring themselves to pay what it took to get started. Most of the people I have spoken to were SO interested in starting if they just had a little help with building the Capital. Well I have something for you:

SERIOUSLY! Crazy, right? Now let me break this down a little more for you, and explain why this is such a HUGE deal:

Years ago, it was $500+ to get started. Many of the individuals who made the sacrifice to get in at that price are now MILLIONAIRES and have gone on to help hundreds of thousands of people become successful in the business. Soon after, the CEO and co-founders made a few changes due to the ever-changing economy and lowered the start-up investment to $249. Last night on a call with my Double Platinum Senior Vice President Tishina Anderson, she mentioned that when that price changed the first time, she saw SO many people have an extreme shift in their business and so much more money was made.

If you are SERIOUS about making a change for you and your family..
If you are DONE with making excuses for yourself..
If you are READY to run with me..

My mentors and I are doing presentations all week to give you more information on these promotions. Here are some of the times:

Platinum Senior Vice President Phil Gerdes
Saturday - December 13, 2014

Double Platinum Senior Vice President Curt Anderson
Monday - December 15, 2014
9:30PM EST

Double Platinum Senior Vice President Tishina Anderson
Friday - December 19, 2014
9:30PM EST

If I were you, I would make time to join these events. Email Me Directly ( and I will send out event alerts and information on how to join them. I'll be doing a few presentations myself so stay tuned! OR you can just contact me NOW if you're as excited as I am and I'll walk you through the business ownership and start-up process.

Friday, November 21, 2014

5LINX Satellite TV & DISH Black Friday Sale!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Are You A Winner? If So, Let's Talk!

*** THIS JUST IN ***

I am currently building a freaking juggernaut, crazy, willing to do what it takes, hustler, baller, playa sales team in the United States, Canada and Philippines.

We're talking monster income potential for the RIGHT people.
We're talking about enjoying a lifestyle that is scarce these days.

I AM NOT looking for people who say they are all of those things and then flake out because they realized they actually weren't willing to do what it takes to WIN!

IF you are a hustler, playa, baller, success-thinker, success-doer who realizes that you are your only security and are ready to build a VERY comfortable future for yourself, now is the time for you to contact my office with a 60 second video of yourself.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fun Times! International Convention in Las Vegas

Just a few months ago, I came back from attending the 5LINX International Training Event in Las Vegas! What an amazing and unforgettable experience. This was my 5th time attending this company event and I've blown away each time. There was lots of training, product promotions, announcements and even a training session from Top Thought Leader and CEO of Success Magazine, Darren Hardy.

I was Ready to Make some Money, Finally quit my Day Job, and was featured on my Company Stage! This was an AMAZING Experience! Can't wait to do it again!

Here with a Few of my Business partners who Im happy to be partnered with.
Top Producers steadily climbing that Ladder to Success...
We're Looking for a Few Good (Wo)Men..

Men & Women Looking for More out of Life!

In the Market for Satellite TV?

In the Market for Satellite TV??

I have Deals on DIRECTV for as low as $19.99 a Month...

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5 Common Traits Shared By Entrepreneurs

There’s something about people who make new things happen in business. That is, there are some things about the people who turn new business ideas into reality — particular personality traits and behaviors that successful entrepreneurs seem to share.

Wondering what those might be? Wonder no more.

The checklist below highlights five characteristics common to the can-do innovator, and how those traits help to turn good ideas into workable new endeavors.

1. Unusual Perception

Great entrepreneurs see things that others do not. David Kay, of idea-incubator Yuenfen Flow, equates this with the mindset of an artist. A painter looks at a landscape and sees the lines and color that will fill a canvas with art. An entrepreneur looks at a system — like a marketplace — and sees the service or product that will satisfy an under-served customer base. That’s the spark of the idea. The fire from it is fueled by the next item on this list …

2. Overriding Passion

Once the seed is planted, the farmer doesn’t hang up his hat. It’s back into the field to cultivate what’s in the ground. Similarly, entrepreneurs apply themselves to getting a good idea to grow with a relentless energy, and a kind of invulnerability to long hours and nerve-wracking risk. People around them recognize it. Brian Schwartz, author of 50 Interviews: A Biographical Journal into the Minds of Masters, puts it this way about the entrepreneurial mindset: “If I offered you $1 million today to give this up, you’d tell me to take a hike. It’s like an addiction, you can’t let it go.”

3. Teachable Leadership

A unique idea and a drive to make the idea materialize is a good start, of course. But successful entrepreneurs know that they need others, and so the third factor that defines the best of them comes into play: leadership. As the experts at the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center outline, this entrepreneurial leadership comes in the following forms: they communicate integrity, honesty, and fearlessness. Most importantly, the successful entrepreneur is able to teach their ideas and best practices to the people who want to help make them happen.

4. Team Building

Leading isn’t enough, however. One has to lead the right people. Andy Mok, who started Red Pagoda Resources to staff startups with crack team members, recently told conference attendees that great entrepreneurs are marked by the great teams they assemble.

5. Bounce-Back

Finally, it’s not enough to measure the great entrepreneurs by their constructive traits. There’s one key element to all of the best ones that counts for just about everything when a project loses ground: bounce-back. Stellar business starters can do it. They get back up, they find new support, and they generate the next idea. They move on.

Maybe you’ve been out there in the entrepreneurial world. Maybe you are one yourself. What are the characteristics of the best kinds of entrepreneurs you’ve seen?

Something For The Ladies...

Im looking for 100 women to work with RIGHT NOW!!

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Haitian Expansion is Coming! 2015!

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